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I use to have pains in my stomach this is how I fixed it.

After I got covid, took a few meds that they gave me, and took the vacines, I started having discomfort in my chest and my stomach when I ate.

I also use to burp after meals.

Both of these things was a sign that my digestion was off.

When you burp it's a sign that your food isnt' digesting properly.

Some people even think that is normal to pass gas after eating food especially beans. If you are passing gas after eating food that is also a sign of something with your digestion or your body isn't agreement with that food.

The first step in improving digestion is going through my 5 step assessment.

This will help me to understand...

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Here are 7 problems that I can help you solve as a Stress Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner.

Our 5 Step Assessment is how we Identify what is going on so we can come up with a plan to help you heal your body and reach your ultimate goal.

Are you having any problems with these 7 areas?

  • 1 Weight Loss
  • 2 Digestion
  • 3 Hormones
  • 4 Energy
  • 5 Sleep
  • 6 Movement
  • 7 Mood

The body needs to heal in order to look better on the outside.

As a Stress Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner I didn't just learn how to help you lose weight, I learned how to help you be overall healthier from the inside out.

Losing weight can be a...

It's Mother's Month not Mother's Day! Save 50% on Our Four Week Trial!

It's Mother's Month not Mother's Day! Save 50% on Our Four Week Trial!

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You deserve the very best and to be looking and feeling great! Take advantage of our half off offer all month long!

No more coming to class and doing the same workout as everyone else!

Every client receives their own individual program based on their fitness assessment It's like doing 1 on 1 training in a group session. Come and try our new program out for 4 week.

How does it work?

Step 1 We meet for a consultation to learn about your goals and current habits.

Step 2 Movement assessment: I will assess you on 7 different movements.

Step 3 After analyzing your results, I will craft a training plan to get you started on your fitness journey


8 Factors affecting growth hormone


What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone is an anabolic hormone naturally produced in the pituitary gland.

Why is it important?

Growth hormone is responsible for stimulating the growth and repair of every tissue in the body, along with releasing fat from fat cells.


1. Quality of sleep

This is the most important factor of growth hormone because Up to 80% of the growth hormone is secreted at night, between 11 pm and 1 am.

2. Other Hormones

This could be in the form of trouble falling asleep to hot flashes and night sweats.

3. Detoxification

If the liver is overworking or backed up, you will have trouble falling or staying asleep.



As Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioners, we recommend keeping at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast for any person. We don’t consider this a fast. We consider this foundational.

Fasting usually starts at 14 hours or more. For ladies, we recommend only fasting on alternating days. As a lady, if you fast too often you will throw your hormones off.

So it is a practice to give your digestive system a break for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

Hope this tip helps you.

How well is your digestion

How well is your digestion?

On my journey to become a Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner we use 2 different tests to understand and improve a client's digestion. When you think of losing weight you probably don't think of digestion. Most people just think of exercise and the foods that they eat. But digestion and sleep are 2 of the most important things for losing weight and dropping body fat.

Digestion includes the following:

How well food is chewed

How healthy the gut is

How well the gut absorbs nutrients

How well do we eliminate wastes

I am a fast eater so I have to be intentional about taking my time and slow down when I eat.

Knowing the 4 things above, which one do you need to work on to improve your digestion?

Comment below...


Fruit is a great snack.

Here are a few things that may help you when eating fruit.

1 One piece of fruit per day is best.

Fruit is a simple sugar so it raises your insulin more than a complex carb (examples of complex carbs are rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa).

2 Have fruit during the day instead of in the evening.

3 Eat fruit by itself. Don't eat it with protein because it will not digest well.

4 Fruits with thinner skin are better for you. Example berries

Hope these tips about fruit help you on your journey.

Comment below and let me know what you think.

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The top 3 hormones that are the biggest problem for people in North America.

When these 3 hormones are out of balance, losing bodyfat is extremely hard or nearly impossible.

What are these three hormones' and what cause them to get out of control?

1 Insulin - Too much of the wrong types of carbs/sugars

2 Cortisol - Having too much stress

3 Growth hormone - Not sleeping properly

The more insulin you release, the faster

you age.

When these hormones are in check, you will look better, feel better, and be a lot more healthier.

Here are a few examples of where you store fat when these hormones are off.

When stress is high we store fat in our gut.

When insulin is out of control we store fat in our love handles....

7 Sleep Disruptors Stopping You From Losing Bodyfat.

Poor sleep causes your body to release more insulin when you eat.

Even if you eat squash your body will release insulin as if you ate bread.

Imagine that. You are trying to eat healthy but because your sleep is poor your body spikes insulin as if you are eating bread.

Excessive Insulin:

  • Ages skin
  • brain
  • reproductive system,
  • cardiovascular system

During your sleep repair happens, fat loss happens, and detoxification happens.


  • artificial light on after 8pm
  • eating after 8pm
  • cell phones while sleeping
  • watching tv after 8pm
  • using computers or cell phones a night
  • blue tooth watch on...

Why do you need healthyfat?

Fats are necessary for brain function, making cell walls, processing fat soluble vitamins, making hormones and healthy metabolism.

Limit processed fats.

Processed fats are added as a shelf life extension to processed foods - vegetable oils, seed oils, margarine, etc.

Here is a few good fats

grass-fed butter, ghee, tallow,

coconut fat, olive oils, fish, nuts (except peanuts)

Timing of fats are important

First thing in the morning with proteins - helps improve insulin sensitivity and mental


4 Benefits of Insulin Sensitivity

1. Easier fat loss

2 Less risk of all disease

3 Better brain health and cognition

4 Fewer cravings and less hunger

Combine fats with...

Supplements I take for my digestion and the benefits of each

Supplements I take for my digestion and the benefit of each.

I continue to do extensive research to improve my digestion. I really enjoy eating so I want my system to operate properly.

My digestion has improved a lot over the last 3 months,

It has been an interested ride but it has also been an excellent learning experience.

I hope some of these things can help you as well.

First and foremost things like wheat, dairy, sugar and anything processed will have a negative effect on digestion. So clean eating is the start to improving digestion.

Here is what I take for my digestion:

  • Ginger and warm water in the morning.
  • Digestive enzymes at every meal.
  • 1 probiotic 3 times per...


A few years ago I brought a pair of vibram shoes. They sparked my interest because they were very light weight. It took a few times of wearing them to get use to it. I enjoyed wearing my vibram shoes because they feel like have nothing on my feet. The best part about these shoes is the protection that they provide from sharp objects on the ground.


A great way to increase your capillary perfusion and fat burning, as well as overall integration of muscle strength and flexibility is to go barefoot. If barefoot is not an option you can aim to wear as little foot support as possible. Here is a great article on one of my favorite blogs on how to safely transition to a barefoot-dominant lifestyle.




Is Keto Diet a LONG TERM OR SHORT TERM plan?

Some people might be wondering about the Keto Diet. If it's safe and how long you should be in ketosis.


I had a few people ask me about the Keto Diet? I will explain a little more about the Keto Deit


Here is a basic meaning of The Keto diet without getting too much into the science of it. A Keto Diet means you are eating 0-50 grams of carbohydrates. And of course your carbohydrate sources are fruits and vegetables. This can be beneficial for the short term but isn't a good long term solution. Eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrates can have a number of different negative side effects in the long...

Laiki Rice Crakers

3 Reasons Why Laiki Rice Crackers is My favorite Gluten-Free Cracker

Laiki Rice Crackers is the best gluten-free crackers that I have tasted.

Most gluten free crackers are made with flour but this one is made with rice.

This is such a great little snack. I love that it is crunchy.

The best part about it is the fact that it only has 3 ingredients.

  • Black rice
  • Palm fruit oil
  • Sea salt.

Why is Laiki Rice Crackers my favorite cracker?

Here are the 3 Reasons Why Laiki Rice Crackers is My favorite Gluten-Free Cracker

  1. Its gluten-free which is very important to protect your digestive system as well as many other things.
  2. They are healthy. Just because it's gluten-free doesn't mean it's healthy. It...

The Top reasons why I get chiropractic adjustments.

Eating healthy and working out is a great way to care for your body. Chiropratic adjustments should be a part of your selfcare routine as well. There are so many different benefits to adjustments. One benefit that every could use is improving their posture. From using the computer to driving in the car, we all could use a few adjustments through out the year.

Here are a few reasons why I get chiropractic adjustments.

- Improve my neck pain

- Recover from workouts

- Correct my posture

- To allow my body to heal itself

- Improve performance for my workouts

If you are in Pickering, or Ajax you can check my Chiropractor out DR....


Jodi has been a client for 2 years. She lost over 70lbs. I did a video with Jodi about her weight loss Journey. Hear what she had to say about it. She gives a few tips that has helped her. She also talks about a few of her struggles.

Jodi started out with LT Fit with little to no workout experience. She came ready to change and willing to learn. Two years later, she is healthier, 70lbs lighter, stronger, and more educated to live a healthy life.

Not only did she lose the weight but she has sustained it for over 2 years.

She isn't done yet.

Jodi is still a member of our individualized group training program.

If Jodi will able to do this, you can do.

Getting results...


Congrats to Anne. She just did a reassessment and she did a super job.

Anne She improved on her air bike test, reverse plank,

squat test lifting 40lbs for 20 reps and her side plank test.

Anne is a part of our individualized group training class. Even though it's a class environment, everyone receives a personalized workout.

Here are the fitness exercises tha we test clients on when they first join:

  • The Scratch Test - This is for shoulder mobility
  • Squats - We are looking to see how well you can perform the squat.
  • Lunge - We are testing your balance and the function of your lower body
  • Toe Touch - Looking at the flexibility of your hamstrings
  • Single leg lift - The range of motion of your legs in a...
LT Fit Client - Pickering Ontario

It very hard for mothers to make time for themselves because they are so busy caring for others. But when you finally do, it will help empower you to be your best for everyone else.

Heather started my online training program, Lose Weight Feel Great 90 program right before Christmas. She has done an amazing job.


Losing Weight requires the right mindset. Some times we think of weight loss as something that should happen right away. But Losing weight and sustaining it is a journey not a race.

The weight probably didn't come on right away so its going to take time to get it off. Not only does it take time to get the weight off but the most important part of weight loss is sustaining it. 90 percent of people that lose weight gain it right back. If you want to read more about that check out this article .

To sustain weight loss you first need to have the right mindset.

If you don't...


My main drink of choice is water but next on my list is green tea.

I love having my green tea with cinnamon and honey.

I usually drink no more than 1 cup of green tea per day. It's a good idea to try not to have caffine to late in the day or it can effect your sleep.

You need about 6 hours to eliminate most of the caffine from your system so it won't bother your sleep according to this article. So keep that in mind when you are drinking any type of caffine drink. Perfect Brew does a great job of breaking that down.

So, I usually have it in the morning or at lunch.

In Okinawa, Japan drinking green tea is a daily ritual.

Green tea has anti-aging compounds...


6 Steps I am taking to improve my digestion.

I received 2 covid vaccines and I noticed that it affected my digestive system. Prior to taking them I didn't notice any digestion problems.

Here are the 6 steps I am taking to improve my digestion.

-Making sure I take my probiotics and digestive enzymes

-Warm lemon water and ginger powder in the morning on an empty stomach and at night a few hours after my last meal.

-Not eating after 7:30pm

-Adding bone broth powder to my routine.

- Of course eating as clean as possible: This means no dairy or gluten unless its goat cheese.

- Getting proper sleep to allow my digestive system to repair itself

Improving your digestion doesn't happen over night but it's definitely...


Living a healthy life starts with proper sleep

When it comes to living a healthy life, sleep is probably one of the most important factors.

How does sleep impact cravings?

If you don't get enough sleep your body will crave more calories which will cause weight gain. Not only does your body crave more calories but it craves sugar. The last thing you need more of is sugar.

According to a number of studies, sleep deprivation is associated with increased hunger (especially snack and sweet cravings). Your hormones is a major cause of this. Lack of sleep causes hormone shifts.

All of these factors point to an increase risk of...


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