• Why you need healthy fats

    Why do you need healthy fat?

Why you need healthy fats

Why do you need healthy fat?

Why do you need healthyfat?

Fats are necessary for brain function, making cell walls, processing fat soluble vitamins, making hormones and healthy metabolism.

Limit processed fats.

Processed fats are added as a shelf life extension to processed foods - vegetable oils, seed oils, margarine, etc.

Here is a few good fats

grass-fed butter, ghee, tallow,

coconut fat, olive oils, fish, nuts (except peanuts)

Timing of fats are important

First thing in the morning with proteins - helps improve insulin sensitivity and mental


4 Benefits of Insulin Sensitivity

1. Easier fat loss

2 Less risk of all disease

3 Better brain health and cognition

4 Fewer cravings and less hunger

Combine fats with proteins for a powerful breakfast.

Some breakfast ideas include:

Steak and macadamia nuts

Lettuce wrap with shredded turkey(not lunch meat but real turkey) and avocado slices

Hemp protein shake with berries and MCT oil

Pre-workout - Having fats pre-workout lights up the brain and increases motivation and focus.

Clients report they don’t fatigue as fast and don’t need coffee or pre-workout drinks to train.

Before bed - A lot of clients, particularly Protein Types (Primal Pattern Diet Type) sleep deeper

with fats as part of their last meal rather than carbs.

Comment below: Are you eating fats daily, if so which ones?