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Small Doesn't Always Mean Healthy

I use to have pains in my stomach this is how I fixed it.

After I got covid, took a few meds that they gave me, and took the vacines, I started having discomfort in my chest and my stomach when I ate.

I also use to burp after meals.

Both of these things was a sign that my digestion was off.

When you burp it's a sign that your food isnt' digesting properly.

Some people even think that is normal to pass gas after eating food especially beans. If you are passing gas after eating food that is also a sign of something with your digestion or your body isn't agreement with that food.

The first step in improving digestion is going through my 5 step assessment.

This will help me to understand how your digestion is working.

It's been a few months of no pain with my digestion

Here are a few things I did to fix my digestion.

  • - Tracking my foods to know what is causing problems
  • - Drinking properly filitered water
  • - Not using a microwave.
  • - Taking super enzymes
  • - Not eating the furious five
  • - Figuring out the right probiotic for me
  • - Not eating after 8:30pm
  • - Getting to bed at a decent time
  • - Slowing down when I eat and chewing more
  • - Taking hot water and ginger in the morning/ at night once or twice pe
  • - Not drinking 10-15 minutes before I eat and not drinking until 15 minutes after

All of these things have an affect on your digestion.

If you want help with your digestion or fat loss contact me to get started on your 5 step nutrition assessment.

Comment below and let me know which one you are doing or which one you need to work on.

If you have any questions text me at 647-784-8643 or email me