How well is your digestion

How well is your digestion?

How well is your digestion?

On my journey to become a Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner we use 2 different tests to understand and improve a client's digestion. When you think of losing weight you probably don't think of digestion. Most people just think of exercise and the foods that they eat. But digestion and sleep are 2 of the most important things for losing weight and dropping body fat.

Digestion includes the following:

How well food is chewed

How healthy the gut is

How well the gut absorbs nutrients

How well do we eliminate wastes

I am a fast eater so I have to be intentional about taking my time and slow down when I eat.

Knowing the 4 things above, which one do you need to work on to improve your digestion?

Comment below and let me know.