How Jodi lost 70lbs in 2 years with nutrition and exercise

Jodi has been a client for 2 years. She lost over 70lbs. I did a video with Jodi about her weight loss Journey. Hear what she had to say about it. She gives a few tips that has helped her. She also talks about a few of her struggles.

Jodi started out with LT Fit with little to no workout experience. She came ready to change and willing to learn. Two years later, she is healthier, 70lbs lighter, stronger, and more educated to live a healthy life.

Not only did she lose the weight but she has sustained it for over 2 years.

She isn't done yet.

Jodi is still a member of our individualized group training program.

If Jodi will able to do this, you can do.

Getting results like Jodi is possible but you must start with the right mindset.

Check out this post that can give you a few tips on having the right mindset to achieve results with fitness.

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