LT Fit Client - Pickering Ontario

Heather is Determined to Get Stronger and Healthier- LT Fit Client Pickering Ontario

It very hard for mothers to make time for themselves because they are so busy caring for others. But when you finally do, it will help empower you to be your best for everyone else.

Heather started my online training program, Lose Weight Feel Great 90 program right before Christmas. She has done an amazing job.

Here is what she had to say about her journey of getting fit.

"Unapologetically Me 45 years young, crazy hair with my silver wisdom strands front and center, no make up and eyebrows in desperate need of some love but I am damn proud of myself especially today. I am determined to get stronger and healthier. I made the decision mid December to do just that. I have been consistent with watching what I fuel my body with and my daily fitness goals. Well I am down 11 well earned lbs and my snug go to clothes are no longer snug, I am giving myself a well deserved pack on the back."

You can do it too

Just like Heather made time to care for herself, it's important for you to do the same. It's not easy as a mother to make time for yourself but it is well worth it.

If you are a mother over 30 and you need help with making time for your health and fitness reach out because I would love to help you.

My passion is to empower mothers to be healthy. You can email me or text me at 674-784-8643

LT Fit is located in Pickering, Ontario. We provide online training, 1 on 1 perssonal training, and individualized group training.