Fitness Reassessment at LT Fit Pickering, Ontario

Congrats to Anne. She just did a reassessment and she did a super job.

Anne She improved on her air bike test, reverse plank,

squat test lifting 40lbs for 20 reps and her side plank test.

Anne is a part of our individualized group training class. Even though it's a class environment, everyone receives a personalized workout.

Here are the fitness exercises tha we test clients on when they first join:

  • The Scratch Test - This is for shoulder mobility
  • Squats - We are looking to see how well you can perform the squat.
  • Lunge - We are testing your balance and the function of your lower body
  • Toe Touch - Looking at the flexibility of your hamstrings
  • Single leg lift - The range of motion of your legs in a laying down position
  • Front Plank - Test for your core
  • Reverse Plank - Testing your core and shoulder mobility
  • Side Plank - Testing your core and shoulder strength
  • Air Bike - Endurance test

We reassess clients to show them how they improved. But we also reassess to help us determine how to adjust the client's workout program as they progress.

It's important to us not to just give clients a random general program. Our goal is to make the program as tailored to the individual as possible.

If you are looking for help with fitness and you are ready to have your program customized just for you contact us by email at or text at 647-784-8643

Our goal is to help mothers over 30 achieve sustainable weight loss.

LT Fit is located in Pickering, Ontario. We provide 1 on 1 fitness training, online training, and group fitness training.