Benefits of Going Barefoot


A few years ago I brought a pair of vibram shoes. They sparked my interest because they were very light weight. It took a few times of wearing them to get use to it. I enjoyed wearing my vibram shoes because they feel like have nothing on my feet. The best part about these shoes is the protection that they provide from sharp objects on the ground.


A great way to increase your capillary perfusion and fat burning, as well as overall integration of muscle strength and flexibility is to go barefoot. If barefoot is not an option you can aim to wear as little foot support as possible. Here is a great article on one of my favorite blogs on how to safely transition to a barefoot-dominant lifestyle.


Helps you sleep better Walking barefoot helps induce relaxation. It also stabilizes circadian rhythm which is the internal system that is designed to regulate the feeling of sleepiness.

Controls blood pressure Walking barefoot reduces cortisol levels (stress hormones). Since stress affects our blood pressure, reducing stress will help to control your blood pressure.

It improves overall posture Our feet support the entire body. The stronger your feet, the taller and lighter you will stand. When you wear shoes all day, your feet muscles get weaker. There are many reasons for bad posture. One reason it occurs is that we become depend on other muscles to do the job our feet are responsible for doing. When you go barefoot, you naturally start to stand and walk better.

Decreases injuries Walking barefoot helps reduce chronic pain in the body because it increases oxygen levels. Wearing shoes blocks our natural feedback to the ground. Starting barefoot walking will helps strengthen every muscle of your feet and lower leg. This will give you a stronger base and help to decrease injuries.

Still interested in learn more about going barefoot? Check out the book Barefoot Walking

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