7 Sleep Disruptors Stopping You From Losing Bodyfat.

7 Sleep Disruptors Stopping You From Losing Bodyfat.

Poor sleep causes your body to release more insulin when you eat.

Even if you eat squash your body will release insulin as if you ate bread.

Imagine that. You are trying to eat healthy but because your sleep is poor your body spikes insulin as if you are eating bread.

Excessive Insulin:

  • Ages skin
  • brain
  • reproductive system,
  • cardiovascular system

During your sleep repair happens, fat loss happens, and detoxification happens.


  • artificial light on after 8pm
  • eating after 8pm
  • cell phones while sleeping
  • watching tv after 8pm
  • using computers or cell phones a night
  • blue tooth watch on when sleeping
  • wifi on while sleeping.

If your sleep is disrupted you will have problems, repairing your body, detoxing waste, and ultimately losing body fat.

Comment below and let me know which sleep disruptor you are implementing to improve your sleep.

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