3 hormones that can cause losing bodyfat is extremely hard

The top 3 hormones that are the biggest problem for people in North America.

When these 3 hormones are out of balance, losing bodyfat is extremely hard or nearly impossible.

What are these three hormones' and what cause them to get out of control?

1 Insulin - Too much of the wrong types of carbs/sugars

2 Cortisol - Having too much stress

3 Growth hormone - Not sleeping properly

The more insulin you release, the faster

you age.

When these hormones are in check, you will look better, feel better, and be a lot more healthier.

Here are a few examples of where you store fat when these hormones are off.

When stress is high we store fat in our gut.

When insulin is out of control we store fat in our love handles.

Growth Hormone disruption is shown by stubborn body fat in knees and calves.

In my new course Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner I am learning how to bring these hormones back into balance.

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