WeightLoss Tips for Mothers

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I use to have pains in my stomach this is how I fixed it.

After I got covid, took a few meds that they gave me, and took the vacines, I started having discomfort in my chest and my stomach when I ate.

I also use to burp after meals.

Both of these things was a sign that my digestion was off.

When you burp it's a sign that your food isnt' digesting properly.

Some people even think that is normal to pass gas after eating food especially beans. If you are passing gas after eating food that is also a sign of something with your digestion or your body isn't agreement with that food.

The first step in improving digestion is going through my 5 step assessment.

This will help me to understand...


Here are 7 problems that I can help you solve as a Stress Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner.

Our 5 Step Assessment is how we Identify what is going on so we can come up with a plan to help you heal your body and reach your ultimate goal.

Are you having any problems with these 7 areas?

  • 1 Weight Loss
  • 2 Digestion
  • 3 Hormones
  • 4 Energy
  • 5 Sleep
  • 6 Movement
  • 7 Mood

The body needs to heal in order to look better on the outside.

As a Stress Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner I didn't just learn how to help you lose weight, I learned how to help you be overall healthier from the inside out.

Losing weight can be a...

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How does it work?

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Step 3 After analyzing your results, I will craft a training plan to get you started on your fitness journey


8 Factors affecting growth hormone


What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone is an anabolic hormone naturally produced in the pituitary gland.

Why is it important?

Growth hormone is responsible for stimulating the growth and repair of every tissue in the body, along with releasing fat from fat cells.


1. Quality of sleep

This is the most important factor of growth hormone because Up to 80% of the growth hormone is secreted at night, between 11 pm and 1 am.

2. Other Hormones

This could be in the form of trouble falling asleep to hot flashes and night sweats.

3. Detoxification

If the liver is overworking or backed up, you will have trouble falling or staying asleep.



As Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioners, we recommend keeping at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast for any person. We don’t consider this a fast. We consider this foundational.

Fasting usually starts at 14 hours or more. For ladies, we recommend only fasting on alternating days. As a lady, if you fast too often you will throw your hormones off.

So it is a practice to give your digestive system a break for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

Hope this tip helps you.

How well is your digestion

How well is your digestion?

On my journey to become a Stress-Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner we use 2 different tests to understand and improve a client's digestion. When you think of losing weight you probably don't think of digestion. Most people just think of exercise and the foods that they eat. But digestion and sleep are 2 of the most important things for losing weight and dropping body fat.

Digestion includes the following:

How well food is chewed

How healthy the gut is

How well the gut absorbs nutrients

How well do we eliminate wastes

I am a fast eater so I have to be intentional about taking my time and slow down when I eat.

Knowing the 4 things above, which one do you need to work on to improve your digestion?

Comment below...


Fruit is a great snack.

Here are a few things that may help you when eating fruit.

1 One piece of fruit per day is best.

Fruit is a simple sugar so it raises your insulin more than a complex carb (examples of complex carbs are rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa).

2 Have fruit during the day instead of in the evening.

3 Eat fruit by itself. Don't eat it with protein because it will not digest well.

4 Fruits with thinner skin are better for you. Example berries

Hope these tips about fruit help you on your journey.

Comment below and let me know what you think.

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The top 3 hormones that are the biggest problem for people in North America.

When these 3 hormones are out of balance, losing bodyfat is extremely hard or nearly impossible.

What are these three hormones' and what cause them to get out of control?

1 Insulin - Too much of the wrong types of carbs/sugars

2 Cortisol - Having too much stress

3 Growth hormone - Not sleeping properly

The more insulin you release, the faster

you age.

When these hormones are in check, you will look better, feel better, and be a lot more healthier.

Here are a few examples of where you store fat when these hormones are off.

When stress is high we store fat in our gut.

When insulin is out of control we store fat in our love handles....

7 Sleep Disruptors Stopping You From Losing Bodyfat.

Poor sleep causes your body to release more insulin when you eat.

Even if you eat squash your body will release insulin as if you ate bread.

Imagine that. You are trying to eat healthy but because your sleep is poor your body spikes insulin as if you are eating bread.

Excessive Insulin:

  • Ages skin
  • brain
  • reproductive system,
  • cardiovascular system

During your sleep repair happens, fat loss happens, and detoxification happens.


  • artificial light on after 8pm
  • eating after 8pm
  • cell phones while sleeping
  • watching tv after 8pm
  • using computers or cell phones a night
  • blue tooth watch on...

Why do you need healthyfat?

Fats are necessary for brain function, making cell walls, processing fat soluble vitamins, making hormones and healthy metabolism.

Limit processed fats.

Processed fats are added as a shelf life extension to processed foods - vegetable oils, seed oils, margarine, etc.

Here is a few good fats

grass-fed butter, ghee, tallow,

coconut fat, olive oils, fish, nuts (except peanuts)

Timing of fats are important

First thing in the morning with proteins - helps improve insulin sensitivity and mental


4 Benefits of Insulin Sensitivity

1. Easier fat loss

2 Less risk of all disease

3 Better brain health and cognition

4 Fewer cravings and less hunger

Combine fats with...