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thank you for training us to enjoy becoming ever-more healthy.

"My wife and I would like to thank you for training us to enjoy becoming ever-more healthy. You have guided a sedimentary retired couple in their early sixties from being intimidated about exercise, to thinking of going to the gym as our special time out. You started us out with light weights and exercises. As heavier resistances and training were incremented, you were careful to insure that we avoided pain. After eighteen sessions with you, Julie and I are stronger, enjoy more energy, have lowered our blood pressure, and have a wider range of movement in our limbs. In essence, we enjoy a higher quality of life than we had before. We will continue to work out at the gym and use what we have learned from you.I would like to recommend to everyone that the time, money, and energy spent on a gym and trainer is the well worth the price paid. Sickness is expensive, while better health is comparatively cheap. I would also like to recommend that those who are new to going to the gym find a way to reward yourself after each visit. Julie and I go out for an inexpensive breakfast or dinner to enhance the reward of a positive gym experience."

John H. - Buffalo, NY ​

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From day 1, LT was extremley helpful.

"From day 1, LT was extremley helpful. My fiance and I had been attending Fitness 19 in west seneca NY for about 3 months. I was trying excersizes that I was taught in the past by other personal trainers, but I didn't seem to be getting results. LT gave me a guide to healthier eating, and set a calorie limit and nutrition goals (How much protein, fat, and carbohydrates) for me to follow. It helped tremendously. When we first started training with LT, I weighed in at 403(6 weeks ago), and I am down to (As of today, 9/13) 376lbs! He was such a motivator, and always positive. He knew how to push me when I felt like I couldn't do more. He made me love working out. It is my stress relief. :D I highly recommend him!"

Breanna T.

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I have been able to lose several pounds and inches.

"I have been doing fitness training with Mr. Thomas for the past six months. With his diet and fitness advice, I have been able to lose several pounds and inches. Now, at 40, I am probably in the best shape of my life.Mr. Thomas has been a pleasure to work with because he is always positive, encouraging and patient. He is aware of my fitness level, and he has reasonable expectations for all of my training sessions. Even though I’m a busy working mom, Mr. Thomas has made it easy for me to stick to my workout regimen because he works around my schedule, and he even comes to my house to work with me when I can’t get out.​Mr. Thomas' passion for nutrition and exercise has influenced me greatly and allowed me to make many positive lifestyle changes that I know I will continue for the rest of my life. I would recommend Mr. Thomas and his personal training services to anyone interested in also changing for the better."

Nancy P., Resource Teacher

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Training with LT was awesome!

"Training with LT was awesome! He trained me for about a year, 3 times a week. I got to learn a few different styles of working out - body building, Olympic lifting and split day type workouts. You can really tell he is passionate about training people. He showed me how to do great form and also gave me eating advice."

Cassandra D.

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My Husband and I have been training with LT since April of 2015

"My Husband and I have been training with LT since April of 2015. LT is very complete in his training providing enough instruction for us to understand each exercise, and what muscles we are using and why the exercise should be done in the matter he instructs.LT has always been there for our appointments and has always accommodated our schedule. We recommend LT to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer who can make getting stronger and healthier a fun a recurring journey."

Judith O.

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His personality and dedication to fitness make this very easy to do."

"Initially, when I decided to find a personal trainer, my goal was to tighten up my upper body. My reasons for choosing a personal trainer over a gym membership were more mental since I have not worked out with weights in my lifetime. This made me very leery of stepping into a gym and either embarrassing or injuring myself.Part of the reason that I chose LT Fit was due to the fact that Mr. Thomas is very unassuming, unlike working out at the gym. Additionally, he had no problem answering all of my silly questions and showing me how to use every piece of equipment. This made me more comfortable in a gym setting after our 112 weeks was up. At present, I workout at the gym 5 days a week and have benefited greatly from the time and confidence Mr. Thomas instilled in me. He is very easy to talk to and takes the time to know you as a person and not just a client. He even still calls me or sends an email to see how I am doing months after our contract was up. This made me feel comfortable and look forward to the time we worked out. My long-term intentions are to continue to work out at the gym and to come back to Mr. Thomas from time to time to work on things. His personality and dedication to fitness make this very easy to do."


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Thanks for your help, support and continued encouragement.

"I appreciate having the opportunity to work with Lemuel Thomas. Before coming to work out with LT, I had tried to work out by myself and I was not very successful. I knew that I needed the motivation and support of someone else by my side. I got that and I gained a very knowledgeable alien in my fight to stay fit and healthy.The most rewarding aspect of my workout with LT was his approach to the workout itself. He was always prepared and varied my program on a daily basis. I rarely did the same thing two workout sessions in a row. I was never bored with the workout as I had been in my previous workouts on my own. I had more exercises in my workout arsenal to continually challenge myself.​His easy going approach to teaching and helping me to understand the proper body posture and breathing techniques helped me to fully understand what I needed to do and what I had actually been doing. I needed his knowledge of putting a proper program together and I was blessed to find such a kind and respectful person to help teach me. Thanks for your help, support and continued encouragement."

​Diona R. – Texas

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I look forward to class every week.

"I have been participating in ladies’ boot camp for almost 2 months now. I have seen a huge difference in my muscle tone and overall fitness. LT is very knowledgeable about how to target different groups of muscles in the body. He is also very motivating and provides various activities, taking into consideration the skill levels and reactions of those who attend. He always follows u with us on how we are feeling afterwards which shows he truly cares. I look forward to class every week."

Ashley H.

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His passion to each others to be healthy has motivated me to stay on track

"Working with LT as a personal trainer in the past few months have helped me to tone and strength my body. I am a senior and have tried many programs without successfully completing them. His passion to each others to be healthy has motivated me to stay on track. My energy level has increased tremendously. His instructions are clear and his program is constructed to target the most needed areas of each client. Choosing LT to help me lose weight, tone up and build strength was one of the most sensible decisions I’ve ever had in staying healthy."

Janie L.

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I wish I had done this years ago with LT

"In my life I have never been to a gym nor ever worked out regularly and found the idea of running on treadmill very boring,.So when my wife suggested a personal trainer I cringed at the thought of it so we agreed to try it out and boy I wish I had done this years ago with LT. He is one of a kind trainer in the fact I feel he is aware of my age and health state and how far he can push me to make gains in body fitness and muscle toning and stamina.. He individualizes a workout plan for me after each session so I can workout to a plan a couple times a week in between sessions . He also is certified in "active stretching" which I find very helpful and different And to top it all off he's just a genuinely nice guy."

Kevin C.

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