5 Step Nutrition Assessment

The First Step To Helping You Reach Your Goal

I've learned a 5 Step assessment as a Stress Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner to help me understand what is preventing you from dropping fat and losing weight.

  • The entire 5 Step Assessment is completed in about 2-3 days.

This is what you will need to complete it.

  • Front, side and back photo
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scale
  • A laptop or computer to fill out paperwork

As a Stress Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner I have learned how to solve 7 problems and the 5 step nutrition assessment is the first step in me helping you solve the problem you are having.

Let's Get Started

Do I need to go anywhere to complete My Assessment?

No, the 5 Step Assessment can all be done right in the comfort of your home, and includes online questionnaires, stomach acid test, thyroid and metabolic tests, hormonal scan, and a digestive intake.

What will I gain from this health assessment?


Which of your hormones are most imbalanced


If your thyroid is offline


Genetically, which combinations of food will work best for you

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Where your metabolism sits

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If neurotransmitters are imbalanced

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What's going on with your digestive processes

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If your stomach acid is offline

All of this information will enable us to customize meal plans for each client.

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Still on the Fence?

That's ok, I'm here to help you understand how all this works, and how you will benefit.

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