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Individualized Group Training for Mothers 30 and over

LT Fit provides Pickering fitness training and fitness group training. The LT Fit Team is able to assess each client's fitness level so that together they can create measurable goals and track progress over time.

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A Simple 4 Step Process

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We'll take the time to meet with you and discuss your fitness goals and individual needs.

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An LT fit trainer will take you through a personalized assessment to determine your best starting point.

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Personalized Plan

After analyzing your results, your LT fitness trainer will craft a training plan to get you started on your fitness journey

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Training and Refinement

As you train over time, LT Fit is here to support you in refining your training plan to suit your changing needs or goals

Why LT FIT is the right choice for you

If you are looking for group training or one on one training in Pickering, you can decide which program works best for you. Our programs include online fitness training, group fitness training or 1 on 1 training. LT Fit workouts are individually customized for each person. We love helping mothers that are 30 and over. Our goal is to help each client adapt the habits needed to live a healthy life in as well as outside the gym.

What our clients are saying about LT Fit!

Energize Empower Elevate

LT Fit is committed to helping clients feel better by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and introducing clients to the fitness and health benefits of regular exercise. The strategy is simple, and it really works. Movement is medicine, and anyone can benefit from being more active and apply the right habits outside the gym.

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LT Fit Group Training class

PREMIUM Fitness Training & Group SERVICES

LT Fit provides tailored fitness Group Training services, which are ideally suited to mothers with busy schedules. If you struggle to find the time or the motivation to work out, you’re keen to make changes and improve your overall health, LT Fit can help you achieve your fitness goals. Using sessions that are designed for each individual will break down barriers, combined with lifeyle changes and accountability. LT Fit fitness training led sessions strives to help clients achieve health and fitness goals, and improve mental well being

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Experience what individualized group fitness training can do for you first hand. Get a free session with an expert coach, learn how to maximize your workouts and get advice specific to you and your fitness goals. If you choose to work with us, that's great. If not, that's cool too.

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LT Fit Group Training Class
LT Fit Group Training Class
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